Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sun dog

So my sister calls me on her way to work this morning and says, "I'm sorry to call you so early but I had to tell you that you should take your camera and go somewhere where there is water. There is like a fog rising up from the river and it looks SO COOL!".

I love that woman.

She is so thoughtful and sweet.

Then Bigs calls me on his way to work and says, "You really should take a drive with your camera. There is this HUGE sun dog and so many ice crystals in the air...".

Well, I can't disappoint TWO of my favorite people.

First on my "to do" list was supposed to be shave my legs because the hair was getting so long that....oh why am I telling you this?? Anyway, the shower and leg hair removal was going to have to wait. I got Emma bundled as quick as I could, grabbed my gear and took off toward water :)

My first stop was going to be Convent landing, not too far from where we live, but the road hadn't been plowed yet and I didn't want to risk getting stuck. So I just kept going until I was out of the way of trees and took this photo of the sun dog:

I know I'm not supposed to point the lens directly at the sun, but I had to. Didn't I.

Then I decided, why not just go to Lindenwood and see if there is still fog rising from the river. There was. Parked the van, walked down to the bridge in tons of snow, with a camera bag around my neck and 4 year old clinging to my back. Got a few basic pictures, just to prove I was there, and hiked back up the hill. Actually, I ran, and let me tell you, by the time I was at the top I felt like puking.

Try running uphill, through the snow, kid on your back, camera hanging from your neck, freezing fingers and no breakfast in your tummy. DANG!

But, I got the picture.

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