Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's all about me!

Since my birthday is approaching, I thought I would let my narcissistic side show through and devote a post entirely to ME.

Things you might not know about me:

1)I have a computer programming degree. The only reason I choose this career was because it was the only curriculum which didn't require you to take a speech class.

2)Which brings me to number 2. I'm deathly afraid of speaking in front of a group. Even if it's a group of family members. I will avoid it at all cost.

3)I have hardly any friends. None that I hang out with on a regular basis. Most of the time I sit and wonder what is wrong with me because it's so hard for me to make friends.

4)I wanted to be a psychologist. Still wish I was. If I thought I was smart enough, I would go back to school and fulfill my dream.

5)I like vacuuming. Which is strange considering the fact that I will yell at the kids if they make a mess on my newly cleaned floors which requires me to vacuum again.

6)I LOVE to bake. I could bake cookies, cakes, pies, bars....all day. But I don't because I would also eat them all day.

7)When people tell me I am artistic, I deny it. I really, honestly and truly do NOT think that I am any more artistic than the average kindergartner. Seriously. That doesn't mean I don't like art: painting, drawing, crafts, photography, music, etc. I'm just not especially great at any of it.

8)If I were handed a guarantee from God that my next pregnancy would be completely complication free, I would have another child.

9)Most of the time, I will come to my senses a few minutes after saying I would have another child and tell you that I definitely do not want another child.

10)My paternal grandfather shot and killed my grandmother and spent the rest of his life in prison. This is a tragedy that was never spoken of by my father. My dad was about 21 or so at the time. He was the one who found her. He didn't know that we knew. My eldest sister found out as an adult from a relative and filled the rest of us in. I have copies both of their death certificates. It's creepy.

11)Another family tragedy, on my mom's side. Her mother died when she was 3 or 4, during childbirth. So sad that both of my grandmothers died before their time.

12)My dad was married before he married my mom and apparently had two kids. This was also something we never knew growing up. I have half-siblings out there somewhere. The drama that is my family, right?!

13)I'm actually really good at softball. I can catch and throw and bat just as good as the big boys!

14)I used to be able to read tarot cards.

15)If Emma were a boy, we would have named her Viggo. I'm glad she is a girl.

16)I like the name Éowyn. I'm not a Lord of the Rings fanatic or anything, I just really think it sounds beautiful.

17)I never go a single day without eating 2 whole organic eggs. If I can't get organic I just eat regular. If I'm a guest in someone's house, of course I don't demand eggs. But every day that I am home, I eat eggs.

18)I have my own little business in the works! *wink wink* You'll know when the time comes.

19)I drink almond milk instead of cows milk. I still like cows milk. But almond milk has no sugar. Hey, I try to cut it where I can!

20)And finally, I'm going to be 36 in 9 days and I still feel like a teenager! I still can't bring myself to shop for "mom" clothes. I buy jeans in odd sizes instead of even. I wear converse tennis shoes, skinny jeans, jeggings and I actually own legwarmers.

And now you know probably more than you should about me and my life!

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Carin said...

It makes me sad you have no friends because that means I don't either. I know we don't hang our regularly but its because of our crazy lives not because we aren't friends! Love you and miss you...soon we will have to get together. The wild game show night for the zoo is coming up on the 19th of November and is the one annual date night Eric and I always make. You and Andreas should join us this year.