Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Photo

Did I mention that we took our family Christmas photo a couple weekends ago? It went really well actually. I have a tripod now so we don't need no stinking photographer ;)

The weather was beautiful so we decided to head outdoors for the picture.

I thought it was going smoothly until I decided to look at the previous pictures I had taken to see how I liked the pose and so on. This is what I discovered:

Eden.....really? You knew we were taking photos for our Christmas card, right?

I personally wanted to go with the one where her tongue was hanging out, but I couldn't get Andreas to agree.

This next one is just a random shot I took while setting up. I love the light.

This one on the bridge is blurry but it's still cool.

Emma and Eden watching some kids fishing.

I am sending our photo with the annual holiday letter so I won't be posting it. And fyi, there is no bridge in the background ;)

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