Thursday, November 18, 2010

couch makeover #2

We got our main floor carpets cleaned today (yay!) so no more pee stains anymore (yay!). Unfortunately the giant strawberry milk stain in the living room is still with us (boo!) but it's very faint now, I can handle it. I just really hated the thought of having a carpet with 50 urine stains all over, making people barf over their turkey, when I have 27 people in my house for Thanksgiving.

Did I mention that I'm having 27 people in my house for Thanksgiving?

Now I need to invest in a couple more gates because I refuse to let the dog in the den and dining room areas now. Luckily the living room has french doors so it's pretty easy to keep her out of there.

I got a slipcover for our horribly beat up sofa today. I debated for a long time over whether or not to get one because I think just covering up the problem with a giant cloth doesn't really make it look any better. It might even make it look worse. But maybe not, I mean there was fingernail polish all over the cushions, the dog chewed a big hole in it and it was just looking very worn.

I don't know, what do you think?

That is the sofa in our den with the faux suede slipcover. Keep it?

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Jennifer said...

I think it looks really, really lovely. For me, the key with slipcovers is whether or not it stays on when people are sitting on it. If not, you might as well use a sheet. But if it does okay, I'd say keep it. A new slipcover is waaaay cheaper than a new sofa.