Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's almost here!

Almost time to cook the Thanksgiving feast!

I am hosting Thanksgiving for our big family this year, and I am very thankful to do so! My fingers and toes are all crossed in the hopes that the weather cooperates so that my out of town family members can all make it. I didn't like what Kip had to say about the weather a few nights ago :(

Last year, we hosted Christmas, and the weather took a dump on us. We had to celebrate the holiday a day later (at least, I think it was only a day).

This year, we were going to have 27 guests. Then we were down to 23. Now we are back up to 26 (haha). I love it! The more the merrier, I always say! My dad used to tell my mom that she was in her glory when all her kids were home. I am like that, I think, except with my siblings and their children. And their children's children! Can you believe I've been a great aunt for 5 years??? I am the only one out of the five of us that have small children anymore. Now, it's the next generation reaching the parenting age. Wow.

I love this time of year. It's cozy. I love that last night while driving Eden to dance practice, I heard Christmas music on the radio (yes, before with it). They were playing it from 6-8pm. We had our Christmas lights outside on and they looked so beautiful glowing from beneath the snow that is so delicately hanging from the roof!

I am filled with joy! So much so that for no reason at all, some spills from my eyes at times. It might be an old song that reminds me of Christmas as a kid, at the lake cabin. My dad in HIS glory, cooking a feast for all his kids that would be home for the holiday. Wow, that guy could cook! A smart business man with many talents.

It might be the sight of Christmas lights around town. A story of someone in need. A child, hoping for a Christmas miracle. People giving to those less fortunate. So many things to warm the heart and remind us how lucky we are. I am so THANKFUL my parents gave me life!

I don't know when I'll be posting next (maybe Friday?) because tomorrow obviously I will be busy, and so will you! But I wish everyone a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. Hopefully you are with the people you love, relaxing and relishing in the wonder of this joyous season!

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Carin said...

Happy Thanksgiving to one of my Bestest friends! I hope all yoru family makes it and you have a wonderful time.
Love ya and miss ya!