Saturday, January 8, 2011

Emma's Sparkling Eyes

My darling girl. I took this photo with my 50mm f/1.8 lens. I did some editing with Gimp. Made her eyes pop a little more and a few other things. She was in her room playing on the floor and the light was making her eyes sparkle so beautifully. But I was able to intensify it even more with Gimp.

It got me to thinking, I bet I could fake catch lights with Gimp if I wanted to. I should try that sometime. Because a lot of times my subjects are not in the proper light and those pictures could use some help. That will be my assignment for the weekend. I'll tinker around a little, if I have time.

By the way, any of you use Photoshop? I would love to know what the main differences are between Gimp and Photoshop (Gimp being a free download and all). I wish I could take a little Photoshop course so I could learn what it does so that I know if it's worth the money or if I could just stick with Gimp. If anyone out there could fill me in a little, I would be so appreciative!!

I'm getting my belly pierced this weekend. I'll probably be super nervous when it comes time to do it. Luckily I have Chelsea to go with me so I don't chicken out. I'm also planning on seeing the third in the "meet the parents" movies. I think it's called Little Fockers or something like that. I own the first two movies and watch them a lot. They are so funny.

Have a super weekend!

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