Saturday, January 22, 2011

She wears the cone of shame

Have you ever seen the movie UP? Such an awesome movie. Funny, heartwarming, animated. I laughed, I cried...over and over. But "the cone of shame" should sound familiar to you if you've seen this movie.

A while back we bought Lizzy this big watering jug because she would always tip over her water bowl and then use herself as a mop and "clean" my floors. I swore this was going to be the solution. It looks the same as those clear blue watering jugs you see in businesses. It continuously refills the water bowl as the dog drinks.

Unfortunately, it isn't moose-proof. And we are basically living with a moose. She is able to remove the giant water jug easily and likes to play with it more than she likes fresh water apparently. She will roll it around until all the water is out of it and tear apart the base. The other day she was running around with the base and Eden said, "She wears the cone of shame". And I laughed. A lot. Then I grabbed my camera.

On an unrelated note; mornings have been breathtaking here lately. And not just because it's -10 degrees.

Lizzy is always standing proudly on the deck, watching the cars go by and scanning the yard for "prey". First thing she does when I let her out in the morning is take off like a freight train towards the fence. Sometimes it's after a rabbit but most of the time I think she chases the invisible rabbit, just to feel the cool air through her thick coat. Her favorite times to be outside are when the buses are picking up and dropping off children at school.

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