Thursday, January 27, 2011

showing off my skills

As you may recall from a previous post, I have been playing around with PSE (Photoshop Elements) to see whether or not I want to purchase it. Here are some examples of what I've taught myself so far:

This is a cute picture of my Emma, but it's a little flat soc (straight out of the camera - for future reference)

Here is the same photo after I gave it a little boost. I think it looks MUCH better. Everything is a little brighter, I got rid of the crumbs from her bottom lip, made her skin a little smoother, got rid of the under eye shadows. I can see now that I might have overdone the saturation a little for my taste. My husband would probably argue that her face is too pale but I like nice bright faces in portraits. It's all about personal preference.

I was able to [finally] learn the proper use of layers and masks for this photo. Now that I have a better understanding, I can really go to town.

This next photo is soc. In the second photo, I have changed her eye color from blue to green. I just wanted to play around with this effect and try to make it as realistic as possible, to where if someone didn't know she normally had blue eyes, they wouldn't be able to tell. I don't think it turned out too bad. I also removed crumbs from her lip.

It's been really fun playing around with PSE. Although very time consuming also. Andreas asked me the other night, "How late did you work last night?". He used the word work. That sounds SO fabulous! I guess I would describe it more as studying, but either way, soon it will be my job!!

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