Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Like father like daughter

Emma has pretty much taken over my laptop. I barely get enough time to check email and a couple other things (5 minutes worth) before she's hovering asking to play. And so I always say "just a minute, Emma". Then she'll sit beside me waiting. If I take too long she'll ask again. And again. Until finally I can't take it. Not because she's bothering me, but because it's so cute. She tries so hard to be patient.

She will sit patiently waiting some days for me to bring her a cup of milk or to turn on a movie. Half the time, I forget and she'll come find me and say "did you forget?". And then I'll feel soooo bad because the poor little thing has been sitting in the family room for like half an hour waiting for me. Haha...my sweet and patient little angel.

Look at her, my computer nerdling.

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