Monday, January 10, 2011

I don't have anything to blog about....again.

I'm so anxious for spring to arrive. I know I have a long wait, but I can't help it. I want to run through the grass in my bare feet with the kids. Oh wait, we have large piles of poop in our yard now. Scratch that. But I want to take my camera outside and take pictures of all the budding new life that is so beautiful in the spring.

Right now, I am looking out the window at my Christmas tree carcass laying at the end of our driveway. It's so sad and lonely. I don't miss the holidays one bit this year. We were so dang busy, I was happy to get it over with. I'm pretty sure everyone that had to come in contact with me throughout the month of December hated me. I was a crabby bear, sorry for that dear friends and family.

Yes, I do actually have friends, contrary to what our Christmas letter may have indicated (thanks, Andreas). It's ok, we joke about it all the time. Well, mainly I say how jealous I am of my husband because he'll run into someone he knows nearly EVERYWHERE we go and I grew up in this area and still feel like I know no one some days.

I keep telling him he needs to invite his friends over for a game night Thursday or something like that. I feel like a hermit. Or, what I can imagine a hermit with no friends might feel like. What's a hermit anyway? But, still, no game night Thursdays going on in the Arff household. I'm starting to think maybe he doesn't want me to socialize with his friends. Then I think why. Is it because of my humor? I do like to use the word turd on occasion. And poop. And crap. Maybe I need to use less toilet words. But, as you might remember from this post, that's how I am. Or maybe I just think too much. No. That can't be it.

Am I rambling? Sorry.

So, I pierced my belly button yesterday. I have wanted to forever but have always been a little chicken. Then I thought, good God woman, you've given birth without pain medicine, you can handle a little belly piercing! And, while it wasn't something I'd want to do daily, it wasn't too bad. And I think it's really cute. Wanna see?

Ok, my mom says it's really small. Is this better?

I'm already excited for July when I can take it out and change to a cute little dangler.

Oh, and I didn't get a chance to try and fake catchlights with Gimp over the weekend. I was too busy doing nothing. I'll have to play around with it this week.

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Jess said...

A hermit is a kind of crab who spends his life living in a shell that he changes from time to time as he grows into a bigger crab. Sadly, from your description of yourself, this might apply. I wouldn't agree. And just so you know the Karstens are always up for game nights. And Brad will probably laugh at your potty talk. Of course I will have to ask you to take it to the bathroom until you are done like I do with my little friends at school : )