Thursday, February 24, 2011

I got it maid

Emma loves to help out around the house. Here she is washing dishes, or "bubbling the dishes" as she calls it.

Her and Eden will usually fight over who gets to do this. In fact, they compete almost daily over who does more cleaning for mom so they can climb their ladder faster.

I made this paper ladder with velcro on the rungs. Each child has a picture with velcro on the back. When they do a chore, they get to climb the ladder. Once they are at the top, they get their allowance (which is a set amount that we agreed on). When we first implemented this, we thought we were going to go broke paying those two little girls! We joked about not having enough money to pay the bills and Eden said, "Well, I'll pay them then." HA! She's so sweet. I was actually begging them to STOP cleaning because I didn't want them to take all the money I had in my purse!

We used to use the bead method. Each girl had a jar and every time they did a chore or something nice to deserve a reward, I would put a bead in their jar. Once the entire jar was full they got $20. But that quickly lost it's luster. Even though they could see their progress and how much more they would have to do before they got their money, it took too long. Kids need quicker gratification. The ladder method rewards them much faster and they can count how many more chores they need to do instead of just an eyeball guess.

Here's a picture of my baby girl, all dressed up to go have sushi with mom, gram and the aunties.

A bit washed out soc, but no time to edit.

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