Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lizzy Bear underwear

Yes, Lizzy is wearing underwear. Poor dog is in heat. And my don't even want to know. She was honestly bleeding so bad that we had to keep her in her room/my laundry room. And we felt so bad for her having to be locked away from the rest of the family that we came up with a solution.

Underwear. And a maxi pad. Don't laugh. It's actually working. It looks ridiculous and it's disgusting, but we have to do what we have to do I guess.

I was dreading (seriously dreading) the day when she would go through her first heat. I knew it would be a giant pain in the YOU KNOW WHERE. But, as per our contract with the breeder, we had to let her go through one before we got her fixed.

I wonder if they sell dog diapers at PetSmart?

You better believe that as soon as this is over, I am sprinting to the vet with Lizzy and screaming "FIX HER! FIX HER NOW!"

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