Sunday, February 20, 2011

quit watching tv

I totally want to redo our foyer to look like this. It's possible. I mean, with the layout of our house, it could totally work. Of course the only drawback I see is that we'd have to completely overhaul our ENTIRE house to match. Because it would look a little odd to have this marvelous, open, polished foyer walk through to the grand, bright, window area....and then everything else in 90's decor. Oh and the fact that it would probably cost as much as buying a house.

But wouldn't it be lovely? Isn't the thought of redoing, redecorating and remodeling your home such an exciting thought?

Man I hate it when I watch HGTV.

1 comment:

Carin said...

you know they have grand foyers like that in those old southern homes we can tour in Nawlins!