Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lizzy is 1 today!

Dear Lizzy,

Happy birthday! And congratulations for making it to 1 year....haha. I honestly don't think that I could say my life is better with you in it, but I do love you. You are sweet. It's just that you add a lot of extra stress to my life that I wasn't too eager to take on.

You've chewed up my rugs, my stairs, my couch, my sunglasses....many more items, too numerous to count. You've peed and pooped and bled all over my floors and carpet. You are smelly, you shed too much, your fur is all over everything, you steal food, you make it impossible to cook without a dog sitter nearby. I can't even go to the bathroom without locking you up for fear that something might be destroyed.

We have scratches and holes in our clothes. We trip over toys and slip on your drool. I need to conjure up super human strength to be able to hold you when we go for walks so you don't lunge at passing joggers.

I've heard that having a pet is shown to decrease stress. I'd like to challenge that study! LOL

I know I complain about you a lot. And I'm sorry. A mom's life is stressful sometimes. I will try to be better. I will try to show you more love. I will try to be more patient. But I can't promise anything. It's hard to change who you really are. And I'm more of a cat person ;)

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