Sunday, August 21, 2011

it's over

Last Saturday I was dreading the upcoming garage sale. All week long it seems like I've been running crazy getting everything cleaned, organized, school shopping done, and other odds and ends taken care of. Not to mention making sure to get a workout in most days. I am, in a word, exhausted.

But I have an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction now that it is done. We did way better than I thought we would. My children made nearly $50 on their lemonade/iced coffee/cookie stand alone! Amazing! I was completely blown away by this. And the generosity of most people when it comes to kids is quite something. Even some that didn't want a cookie or a drink contributed to their fund.

I had numerous compliments on my signs: black tag board with big neon letters and balloons. Even a man in a pick up at the stop light yelled out the window how great our signs were. I knew they would be better than just the plain old boring garage sale signage where you can't even read the address when you drive past. There was a lady that said she wanted to use my signs for her sale in a few weeks. Ok ok, I'll quit bragging now. But did I mention how awesome they were?  =)

It's really funny how things you don't expect to sell do, and things you thought would go for sure, don't. I had put out quite a lot of fingernail polish, make up and hair products yesterday, and it all went. I was digging around the house last night until 1:00 trying to find more. I did. It all sold again today. My kids thought it was totally gross that someone would want to buy lipstick used by someone else. I would buy used lipstick if I liked the color. I guess I'm gross.

Anyway, my garage is back to it's newly cleaned state again. The leftover goods are all packed up and ready for Boy's Ranch. It feels good to be done. All in all, it was a success. Quite a bit of work, but I don't mind keeping busy. Not that I'd want to do it every weekend, but every other summer I could handle ;) Providing I had the help of my mom and sister again!

Two more days and my baby and husband are back from Sweden. It seems like an eternity since they left, yet it has gone fast. Does that make any sense? I was looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the quiet. Maybe I'll relax tomorrow? LOL - probably not. I will definitely need to learn to cook again. We've either been eating out or having toast or cereal for dinners, mostly. I can be so lazy and unstructured when I don't have my husband to keep me in line! He always has been my motivation to be a better person. It will be so nice to have him home again. Plus, I don't sleep worth a darn when he isn't here. I wonder if I've had a night with more than 5 hours of sleep at all these past two weeks.

Are you aware of what fijit friends are? This is ALL Eden can talk about the last two days. Her friend has one and brought it over yesterday. Eden's birthday is coming up and she might have Andreas on her side with this one. It's like a little robot. And considering he wanted a roomba vacuum just because it was a 'robot' she might get lucky, despite the $50 price tag. But at least it's better than the Hide-and-Seek Jojo. Not that Jojo is a bad toy. After all, it was the Toy Insider Top 20 Toy Award Winner for 2010. It just seems like more of a preschooler age toy than something for a 3rd grader. Any thoughts on either?

See you another day blogland. Hopefully one of these days I'll have a chance to dink around with my favorite camera. And then I'll have some photos to share. Cuz words is boring...and junk.

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