Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lizzy barks at plastic bags blowing in our yard

Gosh it's been a while. I'm starting to feel the pressure mounting to come up with something blog worthy. Still....I got nothin'.

Andreas and Emma left for Sweden today. I guess their flight from Fargo to Minneapolis was delayed and they almost missed the flight to Amsterdam. They barely made the final boarding call, but are in the air as I type this, speeding farther and farther away from me. I still can't believe that I will be without them for two weeks. Part of me says I should just enjoy my time with just my older girls while another part of me just wants to rock back and forth in a corner and cry.

Still, Hanna and Eden and I made the most of our first evening alone. We had a totally yummy pizza dinner at Old Chicago. We indulged in a New York style thin crust heavenly pie. Then I came home and went for a run. The weather was perfect for running tonight and I enjoyed myself so much. I showered and caught the end of Beauty and the Beast with my girls and now I am in my bed, blogging...listening to the dog bark at who knows what. And watching fireworks. I don't know what they are all about but I can see them perfectly from my bedroom window. Big beautiful bursts of color - it's like the 4th of July all over again.

I'm also thinking about tomorrow morning. Dreading is maybe a better word. Andreas won't be here to let the dog out when she starts barking and clawing at the door come 5:30am. Can't say I am excited about that. But one thing I can be excited about is not having to adhere to any sort of schedule whatsoever for the next two weeks. I can eat cereal for supper at 4pm if I want. I can crank iTunes favorites that Andreas seriously dislikes. I can wear pjs and eat candy bars all day. Ok, I probably won't do that, but it sure does sound like fun. Actually, I have thought about painting the basement. Not sure if I seriously want to take on that project on my own but if I get bored enough, I just might. I have also agreed to have a garage sale with my sister the weekend before Andreas gets back. What was I thinking?

And so the question what? I'm sort of tired (I usually am this time of night) but yet I want to do something. Maybe I'll Netflix something.

Now that we've finished all the episodes of Arrested Development, I suppose I could watch one of the dvds I've had for about 2 months. Have you seen Arrested Development? All the characters are so delightfully quirky in their own way. I have a hard time deciding which one is my favorite. Maybe Buster. Or Gob. I was sort of bummed that there weren't more seasons of that show filmed because it's pretty darn funny. I've also got an assignment from Andreas - I must watch the first 3 episodes of The Tick. I saw the first 5 or so minutes of the pilot the other day, "Java devil, you are now my bitch!" -haha.

Ok, that's all I have for now. I promise next time I will have something interesting. Pictures, a funny story, something....

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Carin said...

I have been missing your blogs! Think of something fun for us to do while Andreas and Emma are gone and I will figure out a way to make it work. I miss my friend and am in need of a fix!