Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chocolate Eden

I'm having a hard time deciding which pictures to post. There are SO many cute ones from last weekend. A lot of the same poses, with slightly different looks, and to most people they would seem repetitive, but to a mom, each one, although only slightly different, is unique and wonderful. It's also hard to decide - do I go vintage, vivid, black and white, chocolate, hazy, bright.....so many fun and wonderful ways to bring out the best in a photograph. Almost too many.

I don't like to favor any one particular girl, but Eden is just SO easy to photograph. Unlike Hanna, who is more uncomfortable in front of the camera (like her mom), and it shows in a lot of her pictures. Strange facial expressions, one eye closed, awkward body language. Eden is more at ease. She is confident. Emma is ok. But she overdoes her poses (think extreme head tilts) and like Hanna, squints her eyes when she has to smile on queue. But she's 5. All three of them take beautiful pictures when they are willing to be photographed. And a good photographer should be able to capture great photos of anyone, by making them at ease and bringing out their personality.

This is totally Hanna's personality.

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