Monday, August 29, 2011

Lazy Sunday

I mean it. L-A-Z-Y. And it was perfect.

First of all, it was a rest day for me (which means I didn't have to workout). Second, I made a big breakfast and we all sat down together as a family and ate. I made a microwave berry coffee cake for my husband and he loved it. The fact that I just threw it together without a recipe and it turned out edible is still a mystery. Third, we went on a picnic.

I love picnics. I always want to do them when the weather is nice and today the weather was perfect. Beautiful, sunny, no wind.....just perfect. We went to our usual spot not far from home - convent park. There really isn't much there but a boat landing into the river and some frolfing baskets, but there is a nice grassy area with many big shade trees which make it a wonderful picnic setting. No playground equipment of any kind but the kids love going. They can let their creative imaginations run wild. I love that they can have fun with sticks and rocks and not much else.

From a photography standpoint this place is stunning. There are tiny beams of sunshine casting sporadic rays through the leaves- a photographer's delight. At least this photographer. But I'm just a hobbyist so don't listen to me. I mainly say that because I don't want to share my favorite spot on lazy Sunday afternoons ;) The bokeh from today was breathtaking. I can't wait to upload some photos.

Anyway, we brought our picnic basket, some blankets, the camera, the dog and had a wonderful relaxing couple of hours. I snapped many pictures of my beautiful girls using nature as my studio. We helped them build forts in the trees using big sticks and our picnic blankets. We sat in the shade and did nothing. Absolutely nothing - except enjoy the beauty of a quiet summer afternoon. It really was splendid.

We came home, built more forts in the yard, and ordered Chinese food. Now I'm on the couch blogging while my husband plays Civilization a few feet away. The dog is sleeping on the floor and the kids are at the neighbor's house playing. Still a perfect lazy Sunday.

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