Thursday, August 18, 2011


I couldn't think of a more suitable title for my week so far. I don't know where in the world the last 3 days went but we have been SO busy around here, I honestly don't even remember the last time I sat. I have even been eating standing up, wandering around, taking bites here and there. I don't even care what I'm eating, I'm probably burning it all off instantly anyway.

We are preparing for a garage sale. This Friday 4-7pm and Saturday 8am - 1pm (or later, depending): 2415 Victoria Rose Drive South Fargo (across the street from Centennial Elementary off 25th street - if anyone is interested ;) Four different households have contributed items since I was worried that I wouldn't have enough on my own. We have enough now! When I think of the countless trips to the Arc and Boys Ranch I have taken to unload bags and bags and bags of clothes and stuff that I could have sold.....oh, it makes me sad. But on the other hand I feel good that we've donated too.

We've got women's and girl's clothes, coats, shoes. Purses, purses, more purses. A few toys. Books, cook books, children's videos, games. Lots of kitchen items; small appliances (My sister is selling a really nice coffee maker and cappuccino machine for $1 each!), dishes, pots and pans. Knick knacks, bedding, curtains, blankets, jewelry. Basic garage sale stuff, I'm guessing. I don't really know since I haven't been to one in ages. And because of that, we really didn't know how to price stuff so I'm also going to guess that it's all pretty dirt cheap.

It's a lot of work to prepare for. Just cleaning out the garage so that it was in a condition to host a sale was a big job to tackle. Then there is the sorting, and price-tagging, and setting up. Don't forget keeping up with the laundry, mowing, working out, grocery runs, etc. Luckily Lizzy was nice enough to let me sleep in until almost 8:00 today. Boy did I need it!

I've been looking forward to relaxing and enjoying some "me time" while Emma and Andreas are gone, but so far that hasn't really happened. Oh well, it feels good to be productive.

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