Monday, February 13, 2012

5 styles in 5 days continued...

I think we left off at day 3. So here it is, the 3rd style. He's gotten rid of the chops.

Now we're getting to the good part. This is his "French GuyE" look as Eden calls it. (you are to stress the E on the end of guyE)
He also got a hair cut so he looks very.....
I still can't come up with anything to describe his look without using "evil" or "robot devil"

I had to get a picture of Eden too. Just because we laughed so much over the "French guyE" thing.

Of course the grand finale of this whole thing is tomorrow. I know what he is planning on doing. And you may think you know, but you have NO idea.....

Oh, and let me just add that someone at work made him a cake. A round cake, the face of a man, complete with a beard. Beardo.
I want to post the picture however just FYI, I didn't make the cake, I didn't take the photo of the cake, I don't even know who the person is who made it. But it's too funny not to share.

I'm sorry I can't give proper credit to the creator.

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