Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love to cook

My kids love to cook. Rather, they love to experiment in the kitchen. You already know we are all inspired by the show "Chopped" and like to create meals with unexpected ingredients. Well, Hanna and Eden got the cooking bug Sunday afternoon and decided they wanted to improvise their lunch. Neither had a plan until they started digging around and seeing what we had to work with.

Oh, seeing Eden's hair here makes me miss my long hair. I've been recently separated with mine and so far it has been great. But seeing hers.....ah. Of course mine never looked that good anyway so I'm already over it.

Moving on...

I love Hanna's new hair color. I can't say it enough. Although I think it has faded a lot. At least it looks like it in these pictures. But it still looks great.

This is the meal Hanna made. She sauteed lettuce and onions, topped it with fresh sliced pear, a finely chopped carrot (almost pureed but not liquid - it was fantastic) and sprinkled the whole thing with pumpkin pie spice. It was really creative and delicious. She also made baked pears with pumpkin pie spice.

Her watermelon carrot juice was a very big hit......except for the chunks. LOL

Eden's lunch I didn't photograph for some reason. It was basically a bunch of stuff sauteed together like lettuces, carrots, onion, pear, tomato. I did taste it but I was so full that it didn't really appeal to me. Eden obviously loved it though because she devoured it. And Monday, after school, she made the same thing for her after school snack. Yes, she sauteed a bunch of veg for herself and ate it. I couldn't be more proud!

Of course I have to show off what I made for dinner also. Rolled chicken, or chicken cordon blue. I dipped the roll in Bisquick before putting it in the pan because I made Bisquick coated chicken once before and the whole family went gaga over it. Anyway, I fried it a little in butter and then oven baked it for an hour. It was superb.


How to do it:

1. pound out chicken breast until big and flat
2. put some deli sliced ham on top (thin slices)
3. sprinkle with shredded provolone and parmesan cheeses
4. Roll up jelly roll style
5. Dip in beaten egg, then in Bisquick
6. Fry all sides in butter until browned
7. Put in 350 degree oven for an hour
8. When you slice it, don't forget to look at the beauty of the roll before savoring the flavor!

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