Friday, February 24, 2012

What to do

I just read the Pioneer Woman's food blog for the day. And turns out, she made Puttanesca last night. What a coinkydink - so did I! Because I, too, love puttanesca. I love the olives and the capers in the sauce. Because it makes it salty. And I love salt. Way too much. p.s. this has nothing to do with what I was going to blog about whatsoever.

So did you hit the play button on the video I posted yesterday? I didn't even title it, I wanted it to be a surprise. Cuz it surprised me. The Heart Attack Grill. I have to admit, the decor being like a hospital, wearing hospital gowns, nurses for waitstaff, and naming their food after bypass surgeries, is a tad clever. But it's not really all that funny when your 500+ pound spokesmodel in the commercials promoting your business drops dead at 29. That's just sad. I'm not one to be overly sensative about things. I don't get offended easily. You can say pretty much any word in the dictionary, even fake words from Spongebob like "wumbo" and chances are I'm not going to get my panties in a wad over it. But this cafe, clever as it may be, is almost pushing it for me. Because it's life and death. And you all know how I like to promote health through nutrition (I say as I'm gulping down a freshly juiced glass of veggies). p.s. this has nothing to do with what I was going to blog about either!

What I wanted to blog about was this:

My children have the next 9 days off. Yay! I've been as excited as they have been all week. Emma keeps asking, "Is THIS the last day of school??" It's so cute. Although, I'm sure that my excitement will wear off quickly once they are fighting and screaming and being annoying in general. Just kidding, my kids are never like that. Just kidding.

So anyway, I've been thinking that I should have some sort of planned activities to keep their little selves occupied. But then I thought, come on, you are a procrastinator, not a planner. Needless to say, I still don't have any awesome super-mom activities all lined up and ready to go. Because, you know what, they'd probably spend 2 minutes doing them before complaining of bordem and begging to play on the computer. This will happen regardless. I'm thinking of hiding the computer for the next 9 days, just so I don't have to listen to them ask to play it ALL day long. But then I'd have to hide my laptop too. And by the second day, we'd all be trying to dig out the Datapoint 2200 from the basement (no we don't really have one in our basement). But we do have an old cpu down there. No monitor though, I don't think.

I did, however, book a hotel for the kids and I. See, I AM supermom after all! And I don't have to do ANYTHING. Fresh clean sheets on the bed, room service, swimming.....and I don't have to lift a finger. And the it! They've actually been begging to take a little trip somewhere just to get to stay at a hotel and we've been stringing them along. Welllllll, maaaaaaaaybe we'll go to Minneapolis for a 4 day weekend or maaaaaaaaybe we'll drive to Omaha to see Unca Dave or maaaaaaybe we'll drive to Bismarck to see 'Manda. But with this weather being so unpredictable lately and 2 out of my 3 kids tending to get car sick just going to Target, a drive lasting longer than 2 hours no matter how fun the destination, didn't appeal to me. So we'll do what we always do when we want a little mini vacay, book a hotel right here in town. And that's what we did.

So next week I'm packing up my ankle biters and we're headed to the Ramada for a little waterslide action. And possibly room service that includes Basie's to-die-for chocolate layer cake. Seriously, this cake is the tastiest thing that has hit my tongue in all of my 37 years. But what about Lent? Oh yeah, I sort of gave up chocolate for Lent. Wellllll, I'm sure God will understand. I'm human. And I'm pretty sure he knows how good that cake is.

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Carmen said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! And you are a SUPER mom!!