Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's day.... has become all about the kids.
But for some reason, I'm ok with that. It's not like I wouldn't
love to have a romantic candlelit dinner
at some fancy restaurant with my husband, but we can
do that anytime we want, really. We don't need a specific day to tell us when to do it.
And the kids love it when we make holiday's special.
Valentine's Day isn't really a holiday, but you know what I mean.
Any excuse to do things a bit out of the ordinary, go
a little out of your way to make it special for them.....
they eat that stuff up!
And no, I don't think I'm spoiling them.

So we have found this wine where the alcohol has been removed and have been getting it for the kids
for all special occasions lately. I think it's "fancier" than sparkling grape juice. The only concern
I have is that the kids tell their friends they have "wine" but neglect to tell them about the
"non-alcoholic" part and soon social services is knocking on my door.


Our table probably wasn't as fancy as it has been in the past. Most of our stuff is recycled. Like the fake flower petals and of course the table cloth. I went for paper plates
this year, partly because I knew we were having pizza and partly because I'm lazy
and don't want to clean up dishes.
You should see the disaster I woke up to this morning.
I thought that maybe the girls might find it in their hearts to do the dishes for me
on Valentine's Day, but no.
The after party is much less glamorous.

Hanna's pizza. She looks excited.

Emma was trying really hard to drop hers on the floor. Luckily, no disasters of that type.

Eden's pizza. Vegetarian, of course.

Then it was time to demonstrate how to drink "fancy". This is Emma's version. Like Patrick, when in doubt, pinky out. Yes, my kids watch Spongebob. The horror!

And Eden's version of drinking "fancy".

All in all the 2nd annual heart-shaped Valentine's pizza extravaganza was a success.
The only bummer was I didn't find any new LaLaLoopsy dolls
that I was hoping to stuff in the little one's
gift bags. They have pretty much all of them and so it gets harder
and harder to find the ones they don't have.
They are working on the "whole collection" as they call it.
I stuck to my vow of not over doing it with the chocolate. So proud of myself.

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