Thursday, February 9, 2012

5 styles in 5 days

It has begun.....

My husband started growing a beard late last year. I don't remember exactly when, November maybe? And as it grew, I sort of liked it. I asked him to keep it. He looked sexy. Even my mom said so. I think it was at that point he wanted to shave it off...hehe. But, he said he'd keep it for a while, because I liked it so much. But after Christmas, it would be histroy.

Well, here it is, February, and he still has it.

It's quite bushy. I said that to him one day. "Your beard is.....really......poufy."

"You want me to shave it?"

"Ehhhhh...." - translation, yes

Of course back in December he had talked about doing this thing he called "5 styles in 5 days" where he would start shaving his beard piece by piece, giving himself a new look each day.

"OMG, you're coworkers are going to eat that up!" I said.

They already call him Yeti.

Anyway, 5 styles in 5 days has begun. And I've got photos (of course). Unfortunately, I did NOT take a before picture which is kind of sad. Because then you can't really get the full effect of the "pouf".

"You can just photoshop it." he says to me. Clearly this man thinks a little too highly of my photoshopping skills. But whatever, I'll do a quick and dirty version.

This is basically what it looked like "before". Although I didn't do the "pouf" justice.

His 1st style was to trim the pouf. 

2nd style was to add some "chops"

Style'll just have to wait and see!

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