Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Loopy for Loopsy!

LaLaLoopsy, that is! Have you heard of these dolls? LaLaLoopsy. They come in big doll size, baby doll size, tiny size and plush. My girls are absolutely GAGA for the tiny sized dolls. They have 32 of them.

They are adorable. I am just as smitten with them. Whenever I see a new doll at the store that I know they don't have, I want to buy it. It all started Valentine's day 1 year ago. In their goodie bags I put a cute little LaLaLoopsy doll for each of them. And the addiction took off from there.

They come in cute little characters (see Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter above). And there are boy dolls too, although we don't have too many of those.

The girls are always playing with these dolls. And each doll comes with mini pets and cute little accessories (ex: paint brush, chalk board, food, etc) and so needless to say, there is a LOT of loopsy all over, all the time. So I had this idea; wouldn't it be fun to make our own LaLaLoopsy houses???

 So off to Walmart we went to replenish our craft bin a bit with things we could use to make the whimsical houses. We found cute fabric, patterned duct tape, buttons, stickers, flowers and all sorts of fun things we could use. Then we came home and spent the afternoon working on the houses.

Below is the shell of Emma's house. There will be 3 floors, 2 rooms on each floor. What you see are the painted walls of two of the middle rooms, and the flooring below.

This next picture is the start of Eden's house. She wanted an attic with plush red carpet and when it's all put together we'll add some special funky touches, like the hanging ball ribbon you see there.

Cutting the cardboard for 3 houses was a PAIN in the BUTT. However, once they were able to start working on the interior of the houses and I got to see them creating and using their imaginations, it was all worth it. A fun project that will last a few days and the computer is all but a memory ;)

They wanted me to take a picture of their dolls to show you. They are quite proud of them.

Looks like someone vomited cute all over my carpet.


Carmen said...

What a fun idea!! I swear you come up with the best ideas for the kiddos! I might have to steal this idea with the storm coming!

Shawn said...

This sounds like my nephews and Hot Wheels cars. They have over 300 of them...wowzers!