Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bike Accident

We have been biking a lot through the forest trails since moving to Græsted. The evening before last we were biking, and almost home again when I took a turn too short and tipped my bike with Emma in it. Despite wearing a helmet she hit the side of her forhead on a rock (it was gravel so it was a smaller rock) and it bled like the dickens. I rushed her home to wash it off and it was just a little bump. She was acting fine so we weren't too concerned. Yesterday afternoon she had a fever so I gave her tylenol and it worked really well. Her fever went away and she was playing like always. But she had fever overnight and again today but this time the tylenol isn't doing much for her energy level. I just took her temp and it was 100.5 which isn't too terrible. Andreas read online that you can get a fever with a concusion so I wonder if that's what happened. Poor girl. I felt so bad. With that bike seat on the back it is near impossible to correct yourself if you feel the back portion of the bike starting to tip. I've had a couple near tips before, not while riding but just turning the bike around in the driveway. I'll keep my eye on her but I'm sure it's nothing too serious.

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