Friday, September 12, 2008

Girls are going to school!

Yes, we finally got the word late yesterday that the girls will be attending school in Gilleleje, a town not far from us. I guess the schools have had an unexpected increase in the amount of students in these reception classes, so they didn’t have the resources lined up. Hanna, Eden and I have a meeting at the school this afternoon to get them registered and to meet the teacher and head master. Then, bright and early Monday morning, off they go! Now, the next problem we need to solve is how to get them there! I'm not sure if they will be going by bus or train or what. We still haven't leased a car yet because we were waiting on an answer from the school (hate to get a car if we need to move back to the US!) so I can't drive them. And besides, Andreas would need to take the car to work to cut his commuting time in half. But I'm sure we'll get all the details today. I'm so happy! I was really starting to worry. I'm still a little concerned for Hanna since my home schooling efforts proved to be more than challenging. The long summer has done nothing for her math skills. We should have been practicing flash cards all summer. And she needs to get in to see a doctor here who can get her the meds she was taking for ADD. They help her concentration and focus IMMENSELY. This is another problem that comes with not having their CPR numbers yet, they won't be insured under the state-run health system. In Denmark, if you live here and pay taxes, you'll be insured. No separate health insurance fees have to be paid. But apparently, you also need to have your CPR number first. We might have to get some private health insurance for them until the numbers come.

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