Friday, September 19, 2008

Splendor of a Friday afternoon

Emma and I headed outside to our garden this afternoon to pick some of the many bundles of grapes that inhabit our greenhouse. She has so much fun outside exploring every rock and twig. And she was finding abandoned homes left by snails who’ve moved into studio apartments in the city. (rhubarb leaves) We collected herbs, tomatoes, pears, grapes and rhubarb today. We picked a container of blackberries two days ago but I think the weather is too cold to be expecting another crop. I’m not sure what to do with all the grapes. Maybe I’ll try to make jelly. And I’m not particularly fond of rhubarb but maybe Andreas will like a rhubarb dessert of some kind. As long as it’s got tons of sugar, I’m sure he’ll eat it. In fact, I’m thinking of just buying sugar and shaping it to look like food. It’ll save me TONS of time in the kitchen.

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