Monday, September 15, 2008

First Day of School

Today is the first day of Danish school for Hanna and Eden. I am happy to say the commute went off without a hitch. The girls and I had a short train ride and then a short walk to get to the school. Emma and I will go to school again this afternoon to meet them and help them take the train home. We anticipate a bus ride will be how the girls get to school in the future, and hopefully we will only be taking the train a few more days before that is lined up.

I am very relieved after going there and talking with the teacher. She seems very nice and their work plan seems VERY good for someone like Hanna. They don't have scheduled times during the day for math, science, language, etc. or sit and do worksheets all day long. Instead, they do more group activities such as games and outings (all in Danish of course) to help them adjust and make learning fun. There are many different age groups in this class of about 12 kids so Eden and Hanna will be together most of the day. She made it seem as if the class was like a family and I have more confidence now that the girls will thrive there. Also, a bonus for Hanna is that there is a 9 year old girl from New Jersey in the class so she will have someone to relate to. The teacher, Janne, says the kids typically stay in the reception class for a year. By that time they are generally ready for regular Danish class. Also, there is an after school program which Janne said she recommends the girls attend. It's just like a giant day care in the school where they can meet and play with other children. She says the best and quickest way for them to learn the language is to be in this setting, playing and learning from other Danish kids. I think they will love it. And they will be able to take the bus home afterwards. School is from 8:10 to 1:10, so a very short day. Then the after school program lasts until 3pm. Actually it lasts until 5 but the bus will only run until 3. I am excited to hear how they liked it!

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Mary said...

I am glad to hear the girls are getting a good education and are learning the European work ethic (eg school is done at 1:10!)