Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to Eden!!

Today is Eden's 6th birthday! She has requested that I make a Barbie cake for her. Naturally, I was very excited about the idea. I figured we'd use a bundt pan since it already had a hole in the middle and it would make for a pretty dress bottom. One problem, one cake mix did not grow big enough for a full dress for Barbie. So, we decided to use a round pyrex bowl for one layer and a tube pan for the second layer. We picked the silver white cake recipe and so far the first cake is in the oven. It smells great and the batter tastes great. Can't wait to see how this turns out! Should be fun! I'll also get to use my cake decorating skills with the frosting. Eden picked purple for the dress. I've looked at some examples online so I have some idea what to do. While searching I found out they actually make barbie cake pans. Nice tall pans perfect for a dress. Too bad there is no Micheal's here!

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Carmen&Chesney said...

I think your cake decorating skills are fantastic. I bet it tasted great too. Happy Birthday Eden.