Thursday, September 18, 2008

So proud of my girls!

Yesterday was the first train ride to school alone for Hanna and Eden. They did a fantastic job not getting lost in a foreign country! After school, they got on the wrong train. But Hanna knew to get off at the next station and wait for a train going in the right direction. I'm SOOOO proud of her for knowing what to do. I mean, we went over every possible scenerio but still, too much information to kids just does not compute. So, for her to remember what to do is astonishing to me. It could have been a panic situation where you just ball up in a corner somewhere and cry (that's probably what I would have done). But she handled it beautifully, with her little sister in tow. And when they came in the door and said they got on the wrong train, I almost didn't believe them at first. They were still home in a reasonable amount of time and spirits were up. But after she explained that it was simply a matter of having to go to the bathroom so bad she wasn't concentrating on which train was which, it all made sense. When pee backs up into the brain, stuff happens! Way to go girls!! I love you, Wingus and Dingus!!

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