Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Girls love school

Hanna and Eden are loving school. I don't think they have done much as far as actual school work goes yet, but they took a field trip yesterday. And on Mondays they take a bus to a swimming pool. They have also learned a few Danish words. "my name is...what is your name"...etc. The after school program is very fun for them. When I come to take them home they wish they could stay and play longer. Today, they are trying out the train system all by themselves. I am confident that they will have no problems since the last two days I've gone with them, Hanna has known exactly what to do. But sometimes I can't help but think they are still just babies! I can't believe how fast they are growing! I'll feel a lot better when 4:00 rolls around and they are home safe and sound. And just as they are getting into the train routine, that will all change. In a few days they will be taking a bus instead. So they will be walking to the school here in Græsted to get on the bus that goes to the Gilleleje (pronounced Gill-el-eye) school. It will be nice once they are all settled into the busing routine.

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