Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Frizzly Bear

This is Lizzy. We call her Frizzly Bear.

Poor Frizzly Bear has a bladder infection. We had to take her to the vet today to get some medicine so she can get better. She has been outside to pee like a thousand times since last night. And she had two accidents in her room overnight, despite Pappa getting up 4 times to let her out. Poor bear.

Even though she probably isn't feeling her best, she is still wanting me to play tug with her and her toy. That's my leg on the right, my jeans ALWAYS have drool on them. Yum. You should have seen her in the van. She was in the back yet practically in the front, right in the middle, drooling excessively all over my arm rest and the storage cubby.

Got her weighed too. My 7 month old baby weighs 78 pounds. Ouch. No wonder it's getting so hard to control her when she gets excited. Last week, she took me for a ride. We were across the street from the school, waiting for Eden. Lizzy was laying in the grass and I was sitting next to her with her leash around my wrist, relaxed and enjoying the beautiful weather. Suddenly Lizzy leaps up and takes off. Mind you, my wrist was still in the leash loop. So what happened was basically she spun me around about 180 degrees, about ripped my arm out of the socket and started dragging my down the sidewalk on my back as she excitedly took off after another dog. I didn't even see it coming because I had my back facing the street and wasn't aware of a dog and it's human approaching. Of course it didn't feel to hot but I was more concerned about how many witnesses there were to this......this.....unbelievably embarrassing fiasco. I was sitting right on a corner by a stoplight that would be jam-packed with cars in about 5 minutes so the first thing I did when I regained control of my baby elephant was look around to see how many people were laughing at me. But thankfully there was no one around. No cars either. Goodness gracious, she either has to stop growing or start being a little less hyper!

I taught her how to roll over. Well, I've been trying for weeks now. And yesterday, she actually did it without me rolling her over. I was very excited. Now we just need to dial down her excitability by about a million and she'll be good.

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Jennifer said...

Charlotte, that dog is going to outweigh you soon. You'll need to hire a body guard to help you walk her! (She's lovely. drooly, but lovely).