Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Words words more words...

I totally PUNISHED my legs last week (either Wednesday or Thursday, can't remember for sure) and they were JUST starting to feel better yesterday and I went and punished them again! It wasn't even legs day!! But I did some deadlifts (for the lower back muscles - but it also is a good exercise for the hamstrings) and now I hurt again. This time, instead of my quads and butt, it's my hamstrings that have me howling. Incidentally, today was another legs day so I was really struggling doing more squats, lunges and etc.

I don't know why I'm posting this on the family blog when I have another blog devoted to fitness and health. But, I hardly ever post anything there. I don't like it as much. It doesn't give me the warm cozy feeling that this one does. I realize that probably makes no sense whatsoever.

Some days I wonder why I do this to myself, week after week. I'm always sore somewhere. It's especially annoying when it's my legs. It's embarrassing to try and walk normal, knowing I probably look like I either have a stick up my rear or I'm waddling like I'm 9 months pregnant. It's hard to sit down and forget about kneeling! It really makes regular household chores difficult. But, I guess the feeling is also familiar and I welcome it. It reminds me that I did something good for my body and my health.

Other things going on besides whining about muscle soreness...

Emma had her first dance practice last night. Those tiny kix girls are adorable and I can't wait to see them all dressed up in their uniforms when they have their first performance. But I have a long wait since it isn't until November.

I'm trying a different route home next time though. Traffic at 5:15pm on 25th street is NOT fun.

Today, it's Eden's practice night. And Emma has preschool. Also, I believe my nephew has a football game somewhere in town. I'm hoping Eden's dance practice isn't at the same time so I can go watch!

Hanna is still liking volleyball (yay!) and I'm so happy for her. That will keep her busy since they practice 3 times per week for an hour and a half each time. It will be good for her.

I'm so over being busy. I don't even feel all that busy anymore. It's just normal life now. In the beginning it was just such a shock from really having no schedule to adhere to, to all of a sudden being thrust into this whirlwind of schedules for 3 kids. But it's working flawlessly and we are happy.

Hope you are feeling invigorated today!!

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