Monday, September 6, 2010


Here are the final pictures of Eden's finished room. All the cute little details really add something.
Well....she LOVES it. I am so happy. She keeps telling me over and over how much she loves it and how I shouldn't have and how I'm the best, and on and on.... haha...I could get used to hearing that! I'm so lucky to have such an appreciative little girl! And it was so much fun. I think I enjoyed putting it all together just as much as she enjoyed the surprise. Right now we are at the Holiday Inn. P-Bear is swimming with Emma. Eden is on her bed, enjoying some cold pizza and playing with some of her gifts. I am on the other bed with my laptop, enjoying some precious down time.
(look at all that grease. Blech! lol
Tonight it will be just Eden, Emma and me at the hotel since P-Bear is going to stay home with Lizzy. The joys of being a dog owner I guess. But that's ok. It'll be kinda fun with just my girls (minus Hanna who is with her dad). Like a little sleepover! What a great day!!!!!!

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