Monday, December 13, 2010

Any Swedish Chefs out there??

Last night, as I was looking through my awesome Swedish Cakes and Cookies cookbook, figuring out what I was going to bake today, I said, "Maybe we should open up a Swedish style bakery".

Andreas thought that was a lovely idea. He said, "It could be in the mall. And we could decorate the interior Swedish style."

I said, "I'm serious! I think it would be awesome. We could try all these Swedish recipes and get good at them. Everyone would love this stuff! Plus we'd get to work together, it would be so fun".

Then he said he didn't think he was ready to quit his software developing job. I'd have to find someone else to bake with me. Maybe I could find some Swedish chefs willing to bake day in and day out with me.....right Jess? Right Carin? lol

Anyway, I asked Eden what she thought of the idea of me opening up a Swedish bakery and she said, "YEAH!" Very enthusiasticly. Then she said, "Then I can take it over when you die". Nice.

I made Chocolate Mint Tops, Nutmeg Meltaways, & Almond Spice Cookies today. Tomorrow I want to for sure make bourbon pecan brownies. Doesn't that sound just amazing??!! I think so. Can't wait to try it. I found the recipe here. It's a blog called How Sweet It Is.


Carin said...

Let me know when I can quit my job and start baking for a living. I think it sounds great. Can we make it scandanavian bake shop instead so we can include all the norwegian and german favorites also?

Jennifer said...

I'm a quarter Swedish, but I'm not a very good baker. Perhaps I could just be your first customer? I think it would be fun. But mostly I just want some bourbon pecan brownies.

I also love to talk like the Swedish Chef. Bork bork bork! (sorry, Andreas!)

Jess said...

I'm all yours, too. I'm a quarter Swedish and a very good baker - unlike my sister from earlier post. Anyways, I need a little time to do some music therapy and then bring on the apron and big poofy white hat!