Saturday, December 18, 2010

"gingerbread" houses

This has nothing to do with our gingerbread houses but it was on the table where we made the houses, and it's I took a picture of it. It looks even better through my new lens :) It's one of my favorite Christmas decorations. See the moss bed with tiny mushrooms at the bottom of the candles? Totally cute.

Ok, so here we are just getting started with building our houses.

This is Emma's house. Pappa built it and then she decorated it.

Mamma's house

Hanna's lil shack (before the disaster)

Ok, the house on the right is Eden's. She had a collapse but Pappa bear came to her rescue.

And the house on the right is Hanna's...after the disaster. Not one, not two, but THREE collapses. It's pretty much just a blob of candy and graham but oh well. It sure was fun!

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