Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oh the holidays...

A time of joy and togetherness. A time of laughter and giving. A time when you realize that the relatives are way more fun when you've been drinking. Did I say that out loud?

Today my sister offered me a hot buttered rum. It sounded rarsome. And it was. I was halfway through the mug of deliciousness when I realized that I need to consume alcohol more often.

I didn't have any wine today, which was weird. We usually always have wine at holiday gatherings. But today was a little different than usual. Instead of a big dinner, Sue had a table (and kitchen counter) FULL of yummilicious goodies, meats & cheeses, dips, crackers, chips, breads, meatballs, lil smokies, shrimp, shredded pork sandwiches, etc. My favorite was this baked brie thinger she had made. It was...heavenly. I told her it should be illegal. I love brie. Well, I love cheese in general. I don't really discriminate. My dream job would be a cheese tester. I could walk around with my little cheese sampling gadget and assess cheeses all day long. My hips probably wouldn't love it so much though.

We played our traditional dice game for gifts. This year the hubs and I ended up with a tool set and a reed diffuser. We played Balderdash, which is always good for some laughs. That has to be my all-time favorite board game. Andreas won, of course.

I got Gram all tucked into bed. Andreas is downstairs enjoying his new xbox game (Assassins Creed II). And I'm laying in my bed, next to my super duper tired snoring child. It's been a great day.

What's up for tomorrow? Not sure. Movie marathon sounds good to me!

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