Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shiny happy blog post......NOT!

Do you ever get tired of all the happy/perfect lives you read about in blog after blog? Does all that happy perfection just make you want to puke sometimes? Well, LUCKY YOU, to have stumbled across this blog today!

You don't need me ranting about how perfect my life is so as to make you feel inferior about your less than perfect life. NO! You want to hear how much my life SUCKS so that you can feel better about your own, right?! Sure you do.

You probably already know that I've been miserable for the past week with very persistent headache. And to add to my misery, I've been so incredibly busy with everything, I'm lucky if I can eat sitting down. Seriously, the past two days I've had to eat my lunch from a Ziploc baggie. There's hardly time to blink between school, appointments, activities, shopping, cooking, cleaning, the DOG.

And speaking of...

Thinking back to last winter, an easier time in my life. It was a time when we were pet free in this house. Come spring 2010, our lives (mine in particular - because I get to take care of the beast daily) would change. And by change I mean become more chaotic and annoying. You know, when I complain about the dog, my husband usually says "We all enjoy the dog" - meaning, that every now and then, when she isn't jumping on the counters, chewing and destroying my possessions, and making a disaster of the house, I actually say she's cute and love her. Which is true. BUT.....(BIIIIIIG BUT) on a daily basis, she makes life hell. I'm not even exaggerating.

We can't sit down for more than 30 seconds at a time because she's always getting into stuff, which requires us to chase her down and pry her jaws open to save whatever it is she's about to obliterate. And, now and then, I'm too preoccupied with my busy life to notice that she's gotten a hold of something and so now there is a giant mess to clean up.

I'm living in a house where everything has to be barricaded or put on top of high cupboards. We can't eat or prepare food without being on constant guard because at any moment that food could be snatched up. I find hair in EVERYTHING. The kids are always leaving stuff lay around so the dog gets it and then they can't get it away. "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!" is the word most said (or screamed) in this house.

She has all but destroyed my large foyer rug. Three out of the four corners are now chewed up. I'm thinking one of these days we're going to take her to the vet to remove 8 feet of carpeting just like my brother's dog. And today, while I'm vacuuming up her carpet chewing mess, she's geeking out and spills her food bowl so now there's food spread to all four corners of the kitchen. I mean, it never ends! I would say that 50% of my day consists of pushing her off counters, letting her in and out 1000 times, chasing after her to retrieve something she isn't supposed to have and cleaning up her messes. Where's the fun in having a dog like that??

I'm so fed up, stressed out and just plain exhausted that I don't know which end is up anymore. I hate to be such a whiny, complaining downer around the holidays, when I should be saying how thankful I am for everything but it's just too much. I never wanted a dog. Yet here I am, taking care of a giant, and going crazy as a result. I told my husband last night that I felt like a rubber band that was being stretched way too thin and any moment I might snap. He just shakes his head. Which is about all the conversation I can get out of him. Not sure he realizes what my days are like. But the mood I'm in nearly every day by 5:30 (or whenever he comes home) should be an indication.

I don't even know what would help at this point. Getting rid of the dog? Hiring a live in nanny/maid (basically a clone of me)? And obviously both of those options are out of the question. So do you see how I can feel as though there is no end in sight to this madness?

I need a vacation.

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