Friday, December 31, 2010

Winter Storm

Yesterday was the start of two bad winter storms that are expected to hit our area. I don't think we got all that much snow but the wind was pretty fierce. There was a 100 car pile up on the interstate just west of town. Glare ice and zero visibility make for some pretty nasty driving conditions. DOT have since closed the interstates from Grand Forks ND all the way to Brookings SD and Jamestown ND to Alexandria MN. That's a very large section, covering three states. Air travel is stalled and there are closures everywhere. It's quite something!

And we are in for round two today. Heavy snowfall is expected to start around 4pm with high winds and dangerous wind chills (-35 below zero). I guess it's pretty safe to say our New Year's Eve plans are to hunker down in the house and celebrate with the kiddos. Right now we are between storms. We can at least see across the street. But that's going to change come late afternoon as the second fierce storm system moves in. Or as the paper calls it a second "weather assault".

This was the drift outside our front door last night.

And this morning it was considerably higher.

Welcome to the midwest!

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